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[Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1st January 2024] — TechLookBD, a leading digital marketing solutions provider, today announced that its founder, Lutfur Rahman Sarker (Hira), has decided to leave the company immediately. This announcement surprises the industry, TechLookBD clients, and associates, marking the end of his era for the company he built from the ground up.

Lutfur Rahman Sarker (Hira) founded TechLookBD alongside Sayed Sayeedur Rahman and Mahbubur Rahman with a vision to revolutionize digital marketing in Bangladesh. Under their leadership, TechLookBD grew from a fledgling startup into a major player in the digital marketing industry, known for its innovative solutions and customer-centric approach. Lutfur’s passion, dedication, and visionary leadership have been instrumental in shaping the company’s success story.

Best Wishes to  TechLookBD Founder Lutfur Rahman Sarker's Upcoming Career Jounrey

The reasons for Mr. Sarker’s departure have not been disclosed. However, the company respects his decision and wishes him the best in future endeavors. TechLookBD’s management team wants to assure its clients, partners, and employees that the company remains strong, focused, and committed to delivering high-quality technology solutions.

TechLookBD has already put a strategic plan in place to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of operations. The company will continue to operate under the leadership of its experienced management team, who are well-equipped to drive TechLookBD’s growth and innovation strategies forward.

“We are grateful for Hira’s incredible contributions to TechLookBD and the tech community at large,” said a spokesperson for TechLookBD. “While his departure saddens us, we are confident in our team’s ability to carry forward his legacy of innovation and excellence. We are fully committed to our mission, clients, and partners who have been with us on this journey.”

TechLookBD also announced that it would transition to a work-from-home model starting February 2024, reflecting its adaptive and forward-thinking culture. This strategic shift aims to leverage the advantages of remote work to foster more significant innovation and collaboration.

As TechLookBD closes this chapter, the company looks forward to serving its customers with the same zeal and contributing to the tech industry’s growth. Further announcements regarding new developments and initiatives will follow.